Ecuadorians closed the way to a new re-election of Correa

With a yes vote of more than 64 percent, Ecuadorians buried Sunday the possibilities for former President Rafael Correa could choose, at least for now, a new presidential re-election in 2021, and approved to restructure the state apparatus, which would mean giving greater governance to the current president, Lenin Moreno. Thirteen

Trump lamented that in the US only Russia is discussed

President of the United States Donald Trump complained in his Twitter that the country does not stop talking about "Russian intervention", but no one wants to discuss his success. The American leader noted that in the country for the first time in many years salaries have grown, excellent indicators on the

Maumoon Abdul Gajum, former Maldivian President, was arrested

Former Maldives president Maumun Abdul Gajum (Maumoon Abdul Gayoom) was arrested in the United States today shortly after his half-brother, Abdullah Yamin (Abdulla Yameen), declared the state of emergency in the country. Gajum was president for 30 years before the first democratic elections in 2008 when he was taken from his