Brad Pitt is linked to Halle Berry, romance surprise or mere rumor?

Brad Pitt has numerous conquests since Angelina Jolie came out of his life, with media divorce in between. However, none of the brides who have awarded him the actor have turned out to be true – or at least they have never reached more – and these ‘affaires’ have always remained a mere rumor. Maybe we are facing a new gossip that swarms in the gossip of the cuore, but the fact that the actor may be with the very Halle Berry is causing a furor in social networks, because we would be before the first surprise couple of 2018.

The rumors that between Brad Pitt and Halle Berry there is something that goes far beyond a mere friendship have emerged after the pair of actors have been hunted having dinner together in a restaurant, as they say from the Australian magazine ‘NW’: “They have had a series of very secret meetings in one of the bungalows of the Bel Air Hotel. It’s early to say, but until now things are going well … Brad considers it absolutely amazing, “they say from the aforementioned publication, which trusts that their secret appointments have nothing to do with possible film projects that come with hands, but with the beginning of a love story.

A story that has not just begun, but would have taken its first steps two years ago, when Brad Pitt was still a married man and formed with Angelina Jolie the considered ‘golden couple of Hollywood’. Of course, had not decided to start this alleged relationship so far, because they had never coincided in single. “The connection was already there. Brad is totally the type of Halle and she too, so it is not surprising that they have taken the opportunity to hang out together, “he continues explaining this source close to the couple, who prefers to remain anonymous.

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