Ecuadorians closed the way to a new re-election of Correa

With a yes vote of more than 64 percent, Ecuadorians buried Sunday the possibilities for former President Rafael Correa could choose, at least for now, a new presidential re-election in 2021, and approved to restructure the state apparatus, which would mean giving greater governance to the current president, Lenin Moreno.

Thirteen million Ecuadorians were summoned to the polls to pronounce on seven questions tending to constitutional and legal reforms that triggered the confrontation between Correa and Moreno, former co-organizers, presidential binomial and ideologues of the citizen revolution project that governed the country for a decade.

Sixty-eight percent of the votes counted, according to the official data of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador, the question that corresponds to the repeal of the indefinite re-election of authorities obtained 64.7 percent for the yes, against 35.3 , which shaped the political luck of Correa.

And the one that talks about the restructuring of the Council of Citizen Participation and Social Center obtained a 63.63 percent approval, which gives the government of Lenin Moreno the possibility of cleaning up the control organisms from correístas.

In the overall average of the seven questions, he won with around 68 percent of the votes.

In the quick count that the CNE had reported shortly before, support for the yes was 67.82 percent, and the question about re-election reaped 63 percent of voter support.

President Moreno did not take long to celebrate from the presidential palace: “The old politicians will no longer return, they have the obligation to renew themselves (…) Thanks for fighting against corruption, no more corrupt policies, thanks for encouraging our young people to participate in politics, “he said.

From the side of the defeated, Correa congratulated his militants through a trill: “The fight continues. We can not accept constitutional rupture in a constitutional state. Ever onward to victory!”

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