Grupo de Lima evaluates inviting Maduro to Summit of the Americas

The Lima group will evaluate whether the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, is invited to the summit of the Americas in Lima on April 13 and 14, to which the president of the United States, Donald Trump, would attend, said the Peruvian foreign minister. Cayetana Aljovín.

The presence of Maduro at the Summit of the Americas, “is an issue that we have to evaluate carefully,” said Minister Aljovín, on behalf of the Lima group, in statements to a television program.

The Group of Lima examined in Santiago, two weeks ago, the situation of Venezuela in the context of the summit, where it would have been in the hands of Peru, as host, the final decision, according to press reports not denied by Lima.

The statements of the Peruvian Foreign Minister coincide with the visit to Peru of the US Secretary of State. UU., Rex Tillerson, this Monday and Tuesday.

Aljovín and Tillerson will hold a working meeting during which “they will discuss issues of bilateral relations and, especially, the visit to Peru of President Donald Trump on the occasion of the Summit of the Americas,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The VIII Summit of the Americas has as its central theme democratic governance against corruption.

The Lima Group is made up of 12 American countries, which analyze the economic and social crisis in Venezuela, whose regime criticizes for its autocratic drifts. Aljovín said that “we have all been clear that the Venezuelan situation is not only for Venezuelans, it has generated a crisis in the region.”

“This is what we see in the Lima Group, in Colombia 500 thousand Venezuelans already live, in Peru 100 thousand, Venezuela, not recognizing the crisis, not only does not allow countries (intervene), but also non-governmental organizations support “, emphasized the head of Peruvian diplomacy.

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