Justin Timberlake in the Super Bowl: a nod to Janet Jackson’s chest and a tribute to Prince

Justin Timberlake has done it again. The singer has been again-for the third time-in charge of entertaining the rest of the Super Bowl with his music. That yes, that honor allowed him to make a nod to one of the most commented aspects of this event in history, occurred in the end of 2004, when at the beginning of the concert, for a wardrobe error, of course, discovered a chest his partner on the boards, Janet Jackson. His nipple made history and to remember, the artist had no qualms about starting his show with the legendary song ‘Rock your body’, with which the sister of Michael Jackson showed the world more than he expected, or that’s what he said she.

At the height of the moment in which Justin Timberlake sang “you can bet that I’m going to undress before this song ends,” he shouted “stop”, then break into laughter. 14 years before, that’s when he left everyone’s bare chest of Janet Jackson and did not miss the opportunity to mock his own controversy with a gesture that has conquered social networks.

A show in which the singer threw the rest, showing again his skills as a dancer at the same time he shouted between gorgoritos. However, at the beginning of the concert there were many who complained that the sound was terrible and speculated with the possibility that the audio was not live, but it was a poor ‘playback’.

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