Kate Upton accuses the founder of Guess of sexual harassment and he challenges her to take him before a judge

Kate Upton is an icon of sensuality and does not hesitate to show on their social networks the reasons why men end up falling at their feet. However, it is one thing to steal sighs among the male sector and quite another to let them cross the fine line between flattery and sexual harassment. The model of exuberant measures has joined the #MeToo movement, publicly denouncing the co-founder of the Guess brand, Paul Marciano, 65 years old.

However, he has preferred not to share with the public the episodes by which he assures that the businessman is a supposed ‘sexual predator’ like Harvey Weisntein, simply limiting him to point out to him like a man who takes advantage of his situation of power to obtain sexual favors from women with which he works.

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