Will Smith goes viral with a funny video singing ‘Bésame mucho’ in Spanish

Will Smith is not afraid of ridicule and less of doing it in front of his followers in social networks, his virtual family, who are already accustomed to his peculiar sense of humor and his impudence. And is that since he decided to open his account on Instagram, his fans have witnessed funny photos and videos with which it is impossible not to loose some other laughter. But maybe it has surprised his last post, in which he shares a video singing in ‘playback’ the success of José José, ‘Bésame mucho’, a very popular song that sounds strange in his own lips.

The actor Will Smith has always declared himself a lover of languages ​​and likes to learn words and phrases to liven up his interviews when he is promoting beyond his country. He has done so on countless occasions when he landed in Spain, as his many visits to ‘El hormiguero’ of Antena 3. His good roll with Pablo Motos have made him feel comfortable in our country, so much that he has not hesitated to learn Spanish. Perhaps he has learned it by listening to music, with songs like ‘Bésame mucho’, which he seems to understand perfectly, because the video he has shared on Instagram not only sings in falsetto, but also plays with passion.

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